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Loxahatchee Adventures


Explore acres of beautiful sawgrass marsh, vibrant local wildlife, and the natural environment of one of the state’s best-hidden gems, the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Welcome to your next Everglades journey!

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Jon Boat rentals are only available at the Hillsboro location from 8:00am (full or half day rental) and the last rental being 12:00pm for a half day rental.

Lee Road location: Open Thursday-Sunday from 8:00am-4:00pm with our last launch at 2:00pm for non-motorized watercrafts.


Address for kayaks & canoes: 10216 Lee Rd, Boynton Beach FL, 33473

Address for motorized boats (Hillsboro): 15969 Loxahatchee RD. Parkland, FL. 33076

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Loxahatchee Wildlife

From wet prairies and sloughs to cattails and sawgrass, the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge has 143,954 acres of adored Everglades nature. The area also includes a 400-acre cypress swamp, the largest intact cypress area remaining in the eastern Everglades system.

Over 250 different species of birds, 20 mammals, 15 amphibians, and 5 reptiles call the refuge ‘home.’ From raccoons, armadillos, and bobcats to the invasive Cuban tree frog, turtles, and alligators, the refuge is full of exciting wildlife waiting to be discovered.

To learn more about all the different creatures and organisms, please visit the Fish & Wildlife Service website.


Kayaks & Canoes

Kayaking and canoeing are two of the greatest ways to experience the Everglades, and we’re proud to offer both here in Loxahatchee. Join us for an adventure through the adored natural splendor of our local wilderness where you’ll ride above unique fish and next to turtles, birds, frogs, and alligators. Sometimes, this Loxahatchee boating journey can be challenging, especially where trails can cut through banks of mud and sawgrass. So, if you have any questions before you set out on your adventure, please ask. Happy boating!

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Whether you’re looking for a rare catch or just trying to enjoy yourself with some leisurely casting, Loxahatchee is an outstanding fishing destination. More than 40 species of fish consistently appear in the refuge including largemouth bass, channel catfish, black crappie, bowfin, redear sunfish, and chain pickerel in addition to more exotic types like blue tilapia and butterfly peacock bass. Anglers can cast off the banks of the refuge, enjoy the local fishing pier, rent one of our jon boats*, or combine the three for a fantastic evening of fishing.

The closest location to get bait is about 3 miles away, but stay tuned on our website as we will soon provide our own supply shop! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us or go to Fish & Wildlife Service for more information.

*Jon boats require boater safety certification.
*We encourage you to bring your own snacks and drinks, but alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

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